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The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa Vol. 2

The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa Vol. 2

The Grand Tour of Monte Rosa encircles most of the Pennine Alps.
Vol 1: Martigny to Valle della Sesia (The Italian Valleys)
Vol 2: Valle della Sesia to Martigny (The Swiss Valleys)
Chris Wright's splendid text embraces all the many variants (especially in the Italian valleys) so as well as being the first English language guide to the entire tour, it can be used for smaller Pennine tours in Italy and Switzerland. Full account is taken of the places en route, accommodation and historical associations.
The GTMR will certainly become the ultimate Alpine walk, outclassing all others. Strong walkers could do it in 13 days, but most walkers would prefer a more leisurely three weeks. Both volumes are copiously illustrated with photographs, maps and diagrams.

ISBN 1852841788

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