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Langtang with Gosainkund and Helambu- A Trekker's Guide

Langtang with Gosainkund and Helambu- A Trekker's Guide

There is no finer way of getting to know Nepal than by discarding the burdens of Western society, wandering her trails and growing receptive to her charms. Trekking holds the key to a wealth of experience, and Nepal will repay tenfold all your labours.
This book is a guide to two relatively small regions of this land of Shangri-La-Latang and Helambu- linked by the sacred lakes of Gosainkund. Easily reached from Kathmandu they hold a rich diversity of landscape, culture and vegetation. The first is a high, seemingly remote valley running parallel with the Tibetan border and flanked by lofty mountains; the second is more populous, with verdant hillsides, a benevolent climate and several prosperous villages, while the lakes of Gosainkund are trapped in wild country wedged between the two.
Packed with useful information for both independent and group trekkers, plus over 20 trekking routes, glossary and bibliography, Kev Reynolds has written another outstanding Trekkers' Guide to add to those on Annapurna and Everest.

ISBN 1-85284-207-5

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