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Through the Spanish Pyrenees: GR11 - a Long Distance Footpath

Through the Spanish Pyrenees: GR11 - a Long Distance Footpath

The Spanish Pyrenees present a wonderland to anyone with a love of mountain scenery. In recent years the mountain organizations and authorities in several administrative districts have got together with local villagers to arrange waymarking of a coast to coast (Atlantic to Mediterranean) long distance footpath designated the Grand Recorrido, GR11 for short, or affectionately "La Senda", to mirror the French counterpart, GR10. This has opened up miles of waymarked footpaths and tracks, in an ever changing environment, often in remote and high areas, to numerous enthusiastic walkers of many nationalities, though the vastness swallows them up so that those seeking solitude will also not be disappointed. It can be walked in 44 day stages, described in detail in the guide, or used to provide various day walks.

ISBN 1852842229

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