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Road Atlas Europe

Road Atlas Europe

Road Atlas Europe
New Generation completely digitally produced!

The first and only Road Atlas covering the whole of Europe in 1:800 000

40 pages road maps Switzerland 1 : 303 000
16 pages travel information for over 30 countries, distance table, international dialling codes, 12 languages legend, important informations about the new currency Euro
16 pages route planning maps, scale 1:4,5 mio., 1:800 000 pagination
264 pages road maps 1:800 000: the complete road map section at a scale of 1:800 000, coverage from North Cape to Gibraltar and from Lisbon to Istanbul, places of interest, a clear new design with new colours and location information
112 pages place name index, scandinavian alphabetisation
56 pages town plans: the 75 most important towns with throughroads
16 pages transit plans: 30 practical overview plans

Size: 520 pages, format: 19x29 cm

ISBN 382830561X

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