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The Art of Perfume

The Art of Perfume

The Art of Perfume

Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles

Christine Mayer Lefkowith
Photographs by Skot Yobbagy

Lalique…Gaillard…Viard…Dépinoix…Many of the finest artists, designers and couturiers of the modern period have produced perfume bottles. The development of exciting forms, elaborate labels and boxes has meant that they are now extremely collectable and valuable objects.
The Art of Perfume is the result of many years’ research by a passionate collector, Christie Mayer Lefkowith. An intriguing text documents the history of the perfume bottle from 1850 to 1950, accompanied by superb colour photographs of the most striking designs. With a reference section listing over 500 major perfumers, designers and glassmakers, this is the definitive survey of perfume bottles and an invaluable sourcebook for collectors, designers and all those with an interest in 20th-century decorative arts.

ISBN 0500 280444

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