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Succulents (Wisley Handbooks)

Succulents (Wisley Handbooks)

Succulents are decorative, adaptable plants, often exotic in flower and habit. They are found in almost every part of the world where natural conditions are adverse, from northern Europe to tropical and sub-tropical regions in Africa and the Americas. Many species are relatively hardy, and can be grown successfully outdoors in a sunny, well drained position, but all are capable of withstanding long periods of drought. They store moisture in their leaves, stem or rootstock, which gives them their typically "fleshy" appearance. In this illustrated handbook the author shows how to cultivate succulents. The majority of them can be grown as houseplants, best in bright light, out of any draughts and kept in a minimum temperature of 13C. Greenhouse cultivation is ideal for succulents, especially the larger ones, and propagation readily achieved by seed, cuttings and offsets. A directory of succulents includes some of the more unusual ones well worth hunting for, and describes the plants in detail, noting eventual size, full flowering characteristics and any special requirements. Plants that are both widely obtainable and easily cultivated are specially recommended for the beginner. Notes on pests and diseases and an index of genera complete this introduction to the world of succulents.

ISBN 0304320293

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