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Chagall (Big Art Series)

Chagall (Big Art Series)

Marc Chagall, who died in 1985 at the age of 97, is regarded as one of the greatest artist in modern art. He used his great talent to create a unique world full of magic, poetry, enchantment and fantasy. His use of intense, glowing colours conjured up memories of his childhood and youth in Vitebsk, in today's Belarus. Rich in mythological and symbolic references, his paintings were influenced by Byzantine and Russian icons and folk art and often depicts couples floating blissfully through the air, seeming to defy the laws of gravity. The poetry and biblical inspiration of his paintings have always appealed to a broad public and his works are popular amongst collectors all over the world. Chagall continued, in his paintings, to invoke his birthplace of Vitebsk, with its strong Jewish traditions, customs and everyday life, even long after he moved to Paris permanently in 1923. Picasso once said: "Since the death of Matisse, Chagall has been the only artist to really understand the true nature of colour. His oil paintings are really painted, not just put together... no artist since Renoir has had such a feeling for light as Chagall." Chagall's best paintings, gouaches, water-colours, graphic works, sculptures, pottery, mosaics and tapestries, together with his works for the theatre, opera and ballet, are reproduced in full colour in this book. Written by a friend of Chagall, it presents several unpublished works for the first time.

ISBN 382285994X

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