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The Little Book of Ties (Little Book Of....S.)

The Little Book of Ties (Little Book Of....S.)

Whether neckties, bow ties, or cravats, whether in classic silk or more modern designer versions in tweed or even chain mail, the tie is an indispensable accoutrement of any man aspiring to elegance. Originally worn by soldiers to protect themselves against a hostile climate, the tie has been the symbol of the dandy and of daring young women: its absence has often been seen as a revolt against conformism. The Little Book of Ties is a fascinating guide, covering the history and changing fashions of men's neckwear, in an easy-to-understand alphabetical format with extensive cross-referencing. From All Over (a term describing a fully patterned tie) to Twist (a sort of bow tie worn in the 1960s), discover with The Little Book of Ties the vast range of ties, cravats and other neckwear, their changing symbolism over the centuries, and what they say about a man today. The book also includes a chronology, a bibliography, an illustrated guide to tying a tie properly, and a list of boutiques specializing in ties for those who wish to expand their collection. Thoroughly researched, with full-color illustrations on every page and a unique color-coding system for entries, The Little Book of Ties provides a fascinating read for all those interested in the history of costume and fashion, or who simply appreciate that a little grooming makes all the difference.

ISBN 2080106252

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