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Top Climbs of the World (Top S.)

Top Climbs of the World (Top S.)

This guide sets out to cover the full spectrum of the experiences available in the various categories of climbing. It takes the reader to the mountain peak via photographs and history, allowing them to follow the first ascent by means of topos, diagrams and pictures. Concepts, techniques and equipment are explained, providing readers with an insight into a specific branch of climbing and allowing them to appreciate the difficulties the first ascenders faced. Related climbs and routes in the area, and subsequent ascents of the original route are then discussed to highlight the progress made in climbing and advances in equipment over the years. The book places an emphasis on the Himalayan, Big Wall and Alpine peaks, but rock climbing, modern sport climbing and ice climbing are also covered. Personal profiles of memorable climbers are interspersed throughout the book and an illustrated time line from the 1700s to modern times reflects the progress of climbing throughout the world.

ISBN 1859740855

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