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David Bailey : Archive One 1957 - 1969

David Bailey : Archive One 1957 - 1969

David Bailey's name is synonymous with the Swinging Sixties, when fashion photography became big business, and the person behind the camera had the ability to become as famous as the celebrities who posed for them. And Bailey was the most famous of them all--the East-End boy who became best friends with the Beatles and the Stones, the lover of actress Catherine Deneuve and model Jean Shrimpton, while chronicling them all in a series of unmistakable, unforgettable shots. David Bailey: Archive One 1957- 1969, published to coincide with "The Birth of Cool" retrospective exhibition at London's Barbican Gallery, delves into Bailey's archive and reproduces some of his earliest work, and some previously unpublished documentary stills, as well as showing the spectacular images that made his name. The result is a treasure-trove of images from one of the most exciting periods in the 20th century, when the cult of youth, fame and glamour was worshipped and--in this case--most beautifully recorded. The story of photographer, David Bailey, telling of his life and work from 1957 to 1969. Beginning with his early days in London's East End, it follows his progress through his first photographic experiences as an assistant to John French; his early years with "Vogue"; his close relationship with the stars of rock music - which resulted in images of bands like "The Beatles" and "The Rolling Stones" that form the iconography of the 1960s; and his friendships and love affairs with some of the period's beautiful women - among them models Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree and the actress Catherine Deneuve. The book brings together some of Bailey's most famous photographs, as well as images which seek to show an unknown side of the man, such as pictures of the East End.

ISBN 0500542295

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