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The Oxford Dictionary of Art

The Oxford Dictionary of Art

This dictionary is a new single-volume reference work providing a guide to the art of the Western world up to the present day. It draws on the Oxford Companions to "Art", "Twentieth Century Art" and the "Decorative Arts"and also includes a large number of entries omitted from the above texts. There are critiques of the major and many of the lesser known artists. Movements, groups, styles and ideas ranging from Byzantine to Junk Art are discussed in their historical context. Special terms and processes are explained, for example how frescoes were made and the meaning of "salomonica" or double dipper. The scope of the dictionary is wide, covering not only drawing, painting and sculpture, but also many of the applied arts such a mosaic, silk-screen printing, tapestry and landscape design. Locations of works of art are given and the principle patrons identified wherever possible. Separate entries are included for many of the well-established collectors and patrons, art historians and art dealers.

ISBN 0192800221

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