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The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish

The Concise Oxford Spanish Dictionary: Spanish-English/English-Spanish

Based on the highly-acclaimed Oxford Spanish Dictionary, described by John Butt in the TLS as `indispensable for all serious Hispanists', this dictionary provides students at intermediate level with an authoritative, up-to-date guide to world Spanish.
* The only Concise Spanish dictionary to present the full wealth of Spanish from both sides of the Atlantic, with coverage of 24 varieties of Spanish as it is written and spoken throughout the Spanish-speaking world

* Thousands of real, authentic example sentences carefully selected to illustrate the full range of meanings and typical contexts

* An entirely new thematic wordfinder covers all the essential vocabulary in key topics required by the regional exam boards and is specially designed as a reference section for writing * Features a new guide to email and the Internet

* The comprehensive gazetteer gives facts and figures -- capital city, currency, size, population, climate, chief exports, etc. -- on all the Spanish speaking countries in the world Based on the "Oxford Spanish Dictionary" , this concise edition retains all the features of the parent volume. The result of over ten years' research, the dictionary has been compiled from a electronic database of current language, providing a fresh description of contemporary Spanish and English. Containing 170,000 words and phrases, and over 240,000 translations it has full coverage of Latin-American Spanish and American English. It offers thousands of example sentences selected to illustrate the full range of meanings and typical contexts and full and clear guidance on key constructions, complementation, and difficult points of grammar. A guide to personal and business correspondence, including job applications, business faxes, making reservations, and making complaints is also included as are full verb tables.

ISBN 0198602448

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