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A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases

A Dictionary of Latin Words and Phrases

Can you ad lib cum laude? Are you in extremis whenever you hear a Latin tag or phrase in medias res? Or, a contrario, would you like to learn more about how familiar expressions originated ab initio?
Nil desperandum. This authoritative and highly browsable guide to Latin phrases provides a concise and enlightening account of the meaning and history of words and expressions which have entered the English language.

* Over 1000 Latin words and phrases in common use today

* Hundreds of examples of usage, past and present

* Detailed coverage of maxims and proverbs

* The story behind the word

* Thematic index giving instant access to topics such as love, happiness, greed and beauty

* A-Z listing of all Latin authors cited, from Augustine to Virgil

ISBN 0198601093

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